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i really love this GTX 1080 Tl graphics card but i've been getting really bad on board fan. i had 1 that the wire wasn't even connected and another that just stop working and it hasnt been 30 days sense i got them. I'm returning asap for a replacement. so if you guys are planning on buying these gpu make sure you test out the fans, run them at 60% then 70% al the way to 100% if you start hearing noise return asap and check the connection.

Ahmed - Colorado


I purchased this 8 GPU NVIDIA (6x 1080 Ti / 2x 1080) Mining Rig ~ 5500+ Sol/s all the way from South Africa as the local retailers didn't stock the ICX variants of the 1080 ti cards. I have gone through many GPUs so I will be somewhat critical in this review. Firstly priority shipping had the rig arriving on Friday morning after ordering a week ago which is very impressive from building time to delivery considering it was an export order to Africa. 

As for the card I feel it could have been significantly quieter and cooler by making it a 3 slot design like other brands (The card would beat all the brands with this cooler in a 3 slot design). I understand the compatibility factor with this card (2 slot design) which is nice but the fans are definitely noticeable at max load (stock or oc). This card is still significantly quieter than other brands I've had in the past but it is not quieter than the msi gaming x card and the Asus stix cards. Having said that the cards max temp reaches 73 degrees C at 4k Witcher 3 which is good considering its a 2 slot design. The stability of the card is impressive at a 2011mhz overclock and the RGB lights are great. The rig is extremely well built and the thermal sensors are a great feature in ensuring everything is running normally. I would definitely recommend this rig and would without a doubt buy it again.

Casper - Cape Town


Rig 6x ATI RX580 180MHs /800W+ is an awesome buy and it runs soooo cold definitely happy with my purchase i  This gpu is a beast and gonna make me very happy.

Adam - Toronto


Just got my 2018 Trek Top Fuel 9.8 SL a few weeks ago and love everything about it EXCEPT the SRAM components. I was waiting to see if the 2019 would be equipped with Shimano components before I bought one, but after finding out that it would be SRAM again I pulled the trigger on a 2018. Once again you get a lot of bike for your buck with Trek, love the Fox shocks front and back, the Carbon wheelset but was immediately disappointed with the SRAM shifting and even more disappointed with their brake set. The stopping power is horrible and the SRAM squeal is enough to drive anyone CRAZY. I just replaced the brake set with Shimano XT's and it's a completely different bike now. I just hope Trek goes back to Shmano components in the future. Climbs like a goat with the dual lockout.

Tom - Colorado