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Siemens Signia Pure 13 7Nx Hearing Aid 48 Channel Pair

Siemens Signia Pure 13 7Nx Hearing Aid 48 Channel Pair

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Pure 13 7Nx RIC.

Superior connectivity combined with the longest streaming time.


By separately processing the wearer’s own voice and integrating it smoothly into the soundscape, Signia’s new Pure 13 Nx provides the most own voice and best speech understanding in noise.

Thanks to Bluetooth, it comes with superior connectivity with direct streaming and the myControl App. Users enjoy the longest wearing time in its class while streaming.


Key features

  • Most natural own voice and best speech understanding in noise
  • Longest wearing time while streaming
  • Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth connectivity
  • With Notch Therapy for tinnitus treatment

 Pure 13 7Nx is a latest introduced Receiver In Canal digital hearing aid by Signia Siemens. Pure 13 7Nx has 48 Channel digital processing with 13 no replaceable battery. Four types of Receiver variant available (S, M,P & HP) for Pure 13 7Nx hearing aid. It covers Mild high frequency hearing loss to Severe hearing loss. MPO (dBSPL) upto 130. Fitting range upto 115dB. Pure 13 7Nx features includes : Own Voice Processing (OVP), Revolutionary Dual Processing, Ultra HD e2e Binaural Link, Made for iPhone, Direct Streaming from iPhone & select iOS devices, 3D Classifier, Extended Dynamic Range, Extended Bandwidth (12KHz), Narrow Directionality, Spatial Speech Focus, EchoShield, HD Music, Twin Phone, eWindScreen Binaural, Sound Smoothing, Adaptive Streaming Volume, Advance Feedback Cancellation, Tinnitus Noiser, Spatial Configurator, IP68 Rating.


S Receiver - 45dB

M Receiver - 60dB

P Receiver - 70dB

SP Receiver - 75dB


Purchase Guide:

If you make an order please confirm for which ear you want to use the hearing aid (either left or right or both ears) and  send us latest hearing loss report (audiogram) within 72 hours. And we will program your hearing aid after receiving your audiogram. If we do not receive any such report from your end then we dispatch ordered item(s) after 72 hours. And you have to program and fit the item(s) from your nearest audiologist or hearing care professional.

N:B: For any custom made item(s) we need ear canal volumetric measurement details in cm/mm which includes ear canal length, width(radius) of the inner ear. 

For items listed in group - please mention specific item name or model for your order placed so that we can send that specific item(s) without any discrepancies. 

Color and size of hearing aids may vary in actual. So, during order buyer are requested to mention item color so that we can supply actual color item(s) ordered.  All photographs depicted here are taken from original manufacturer.